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This is to introduce Indigo Solutions Outsourcing Services Company: – A Human Resources Management company.
We are a team of experts to operate and trained in every aspect of human resources with a passion in delivering exceptional services.
We seek to venture a trustworthy drive providing reliable professional custom key in the HR. mainstay such as Recruitment, staffing, background check, training and development, Payroll administration and other HRO solutions.
Our aim is to create and sustain a work place culture with people management practices and initiatives that encourage, recognize and reward behavior focused on quality performance.
Our vision is to ensure the delivery of excellent human resources services which includes but not limited to: Recruitment/Staffing, Background Check, Training and Development, Induction and Orientation. We have a greater role in promoting the link between employee performance and its impact on business goals.
We conduct quality reviews and take clients’ feedback for continuous improvement in our services.
One of our Clients has this to say as a testimony to our value added service:
“The benefits Indigo Solutions Outsourcing Services has added to our business within the last six months are numerous, this includes:

  1. Cost effective recruitment methodology
  2. Setting up our overall human resource processes
  3. Deployment of dedicated personnel and effective manpower planning
  4. Timely and excellent delivery with utmost integrity and transparency”.
    We shall be grateful if you take a close look at our offer and range of services.

    Thanks in anticipation of your patronage.

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